Google’s Definition of Quality Content

When it comes to AI-generated content, Google faces the challenge of determining the expertise behind a website or its content. Just because a website produces high-quality content doesn’t necessarily mean that the person behind it is an actual expert in the field. To combat this issue, Google has introduced a „human effort score“ in its content guidelines.

Challenges of AI-generated Content

With the rise of AI technology, anyone can easily become an expert on any subject by simply accessing information on the internet. AI can generate content on various topics, including complex subjects like brain tumors, using the vast amount of research papers and information available online.

The Role of Human Effort Score

The human effort score is a metric added by Google to assess the quality of content. It measures the level of effort put in by humans in creating the content. The more human effort put into the content, the higher its perceived value.

Understanding Human Effort Score

Google’s quality content guidelines, which consist of almost 200 pages, emphasize the importance of human effort as a factor in determining the quality of content. The effort put into factors such as content creation, page design, and meaningful discussions contribute to the overall human effort score.

Factors Considered in Human Effort Score

Google considers various factors in determining the human effort score, including direct human involvement, participation in discussions, and the depth of conversations. The creation of high-quality content that requires human expertise is recognized as valuable by Google.

Optimizing for Human Effort Score

For SEO professionals, optimizing for the human effort score means focusing on creating content that demonstrates a high level of human effort and expertise. This can involve conducting in-depth research, providing unique insights, and engaging in meaningful discussions.

Relevance of Human Effort Score to SEO

Google values human effort because it acknowledges that without humans, AI would not have been able to learn and improve. Therefore, content with higher human effort scores is more likely to be perceived as valuable, leading to higher rankings on search engine result pages.

AI Technology and the Value of Human Effort

Despite the advancements in AI technology, the human effort score highlights the importance of human involvement and expertise. It serves as a reminder that true expertise comes from extensive knowledge and understanding, rather than relying solely on AI-generated content.

Impacts of Human Effort Score on Content Ranking

Google’s recognition of human effort in content creation helps ensure that high-quality content from actual experts is given priority in search rankings. This provides users with more accurate and reliable information while promoting the value of genuine expertise.

Google’s human effort score is an important metric in determining the quality and rankings of content. It considers the level of human involvement, expertise, and meaningful contributions. As AI technology continues to advance, the recognition of human effort serves as a reminder of the value of true expertise in producing high-quality content.

What Google Considers as Quality Content

Google has developed a metric called the „human effort score“ to combat the challenge of AI-generated content in SEO. High-quality content doesn’t always indicate that the website or its creator is an expert in the field. With the advancement of AI technology, anyone can access information and create content on any subject. Google’s human effort score aims to evaluate the level of human effort put into content creation to determine its value and ranking.

AI-generated Content and Expertise

AI has the ability to write eloquently and accurately about various topics, including complex subjects like brain tumors. It can access numerous research papers and provide different perspectives and conclusions. However, being able to generate high-quality content doesn’t automatically make the creator an expert. This raises the question of how Google differentiates between content created by actual experts and AI-generated content.

Definition and Purpose of Human Effort Score

Google’s human effort score is a measure of the level of human involvement and effort put into creating content. It is an important factor in determining the quality of the content and its perceived value. This score helps Google ensure that expertise and human input are valued and recognized in the ranking of search results.

How Google Evaluates Human Effort

Google has a set of content guidelines, spanning almost 200 pages, that outline what is considered quality content. These guidelines include a focus on the level of human effort put into content creation. Factors such as originality, design, and level of participation in discussions contribute to the human effort score. Google aims to prioritize content that has a higher perceived value due to the effort invested by humans.

Factors Contributing to Human Effort Score

The human effort score considers various factors related to content creation. It includes elements such as the translation of a poem, the design of the webpage, and discussions and conversations around the content. Effort put into developing a webpage that offers protection and service to users is also considered. Automated content creation, such as the generation of thousands of pages without human involvement, is not considered as part of the human effort score.

Tips for Improving Human Effort Score

To optimize for the human effort score, content creators should focus on adding value through human expertise and effort. This can be achieved by providing unique insights, engaging in discussions, and creating content that demonstrates a depth of knowledge and expertise. Additionally, design elements and user experience should be considered to enhance the overall quality and perception of the content.

The Relationship Between Human Effort Score and SEO

The human effort score is just one aspect of Google’s evaluation of content quality. It contributes to on-page SEO, which along with off-page and technical SEO, determines the overall ranking of a webpage. Higher human effort scores can lead to higher rankings, as Google perceives content with more human input as having higher value.

Human Effort Score in the Age of AI

In an era where AI-generated content is becoming more prevalent, Google’s human effort score highlights the importance of human expertise and involvement. It recognizes the value that humans bring to content creation, even with the advancements in AI technology. By adding the human effort metric to their content guidelines, Google ensures that content quality is not solely determined by AI algorithms.

Benefits of Higher Human Effort Score

Content creators who invest more human effort can benefit from higher perceived value and potentially higher rankings in search results. Google values the input of humans and rewards content that demonstrates expertise and effort. By prioritizing content with higher human effort scores, Google encourages the development of high-quality and valuable content.


Google’s human effort score is a metric designed to assess the level of human involvement and effort in content creation. This score is one of the factors Google considers in determining the quality and ranking of search results. It recognizes the value of human expertise in a landscape where AI-generated content is prevalent. Content creators can improve their human effort scores by adding unique insights, engaging in discussions, and focusing on elements that enhance the user experience. Ultimately, a higher human effort score can result in higher rankings and increased visibility in search results.

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